About us

Existing From The Beginning


In Information Technology, Supply and Services is no longer a Value added to fulfill the needs of our clients and business partners in the market. KH Datagate (KHD) believes the power of technology will make the market a better place and drive businesses to a whole new level. Therefore, KHD believes that by Merging Consult, Distribute and Service into the business as part of our business strategy and committed to become Leading Consultations and Service providers to serve our clients.

KHD was formed in year 2016 January 18, as a partnership company. Since Its inception, KHD has focused on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), Hyper convergence Infrastructure (HCI), Enterprise network infrastructure and fault tolerance system technology, we have moved into now providing Platform as a services, comprehensive solutions with impeccable support from Elite Vendors.

Data has been growing at an exponential rate and has become every organisation’s core asset. With the growing demand for higher Service Level Agreement (SLAs), this has placed a significant amount of pressure on the IT group to find ways to process, store, manage and protect data using the best technology available, while keeping the cost at a minimum. The balancing act is not easy and setting with the traditional IT approach may no longer be applicable.

Guided by our Datacenter Optimization Framework, KHD offers Managed Services that enable IT groups to support the changing and increasing demands of the business. KHD provides enterprise solution that help transform our clients’ datacenters in order to provide the necessary flexibility and agility to support their business requirements.


To Lead the market by providing customers with an always on infrastructure

We ensure customer to have always available environment in their every business application.


To enhance performance and simplify management through Information Technologies

We focus to tailor our best in class solution and enable customers’ to ensure uninterrupted performance of essential business operations. Bringing a peace of mind to our customers’ organization.