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KH Datagate is a Malaysian edge cloud solutions provider with a vision of enhancing performance and simplifying management through Information Technologies. We specialise in data centre, infrastructure, hyperconvergence and cybersecurity management for enterprises all with the end goal of driving business growth for our users.

2022 Press Release in Malaysia

Data & Storage Asean – What’s in Store for the Cloud in 2022 and Beyond?

“The current cloud market landscape is very promising, both at a global level and in fact at a local level as well,” said KK Khooi, Founder and CEO of KH Datagate, in an interview with Data Storage Asean (DSA). “Specifically, the global cloud market was valued at around half a Trillion US dollars near the end of last year and it is only set to climb higher to almost a Trillion US dollars by 2026.”

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A Look Into The Global Cloud Tech Industry – Leveraging On A Global Juggernaut

The past few years has seen digitalisation grow at a rapid pace from multi-national conglomerates to one-man show businesses. The need to be connected digitally at all times is now clearer than ever before and this has driven adoption rates which in turn has led to an exponential growth within the cloud and cloud technology sectors.

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The Current Momentum of Science and Technology Innovation!

The technology industry drives global development. Look at the rankings of the world’s richest people are occupied by tech giants, but looking back at the technology industry in Malaysia, there is no such revolutionary development. What exactly is lacking in our country? This program invites KK, the founder of KH Datagate, to share with us the current situation of the technology industry in Malaysia!

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2021 Press Release in Malaysia

Zadara Expands World’s First Public Edge Cloud to Unlock USD 6.9 Billion Global Business Potential for Malaysian Businesses

Zadara, a recognised leader in edge cloud services, has expanded its Federated Edge programme to Malaysia, making it the world’s first public edge cloud. This initiative aims to enable managed service providers (MSPs) to hyper-scale their business to a global scale and tap into a USD 6.9 billion global cloud market.

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Zadara Edge Cloud Services

In this current economic climate, risk management is more important than ever before. We at Zadara Edge Cloud Services understand this, which is why we offer a pay-per-use service that looks to provide all the performance your data center requires without the associated risks.

To reduce risk and enhance performance, Zadara Edge Cloud Services features:

  • Universal compute instances that support VMs, cloud APIs, and GPUs for all your application needs
  • Software-defined All-Flash and Hybrid storage arrays with customizable performance
  • No leasing required to minimise financial risks and make upgrading to Zadara the easiest business decision to make

One of the many things that make our rollout of Zadara Edge Cloud Services special is that you can deploy your storage and compute solutions anywhere you want, in the cloud or on-premise without compromise.

  • Gain access to server, storage or network at your fingertips
  • Enjoy the full cloud software stack whether it be compute, storage or networking
  • Best of all enjoy all these enterprise-grade solutions through a fully OpEx payment model where you only pay-per-use

Nothing is worse than having business-critical data and information suddenly become unavailable when networks go down. Stalled processes, halted transactions, interrupted service, and worst of all frustrated customers.

We understand how trying this can be and that is why we have invested and innovated to deliver a solution that will make downtime a thing of the past. With KH Datagate and Zadara’s Edge Cloud Service you will get:

  • 99.999% uptime guaranteed
  • Tech refreshes with zero downtime
  • 24/7 proactive management

The past year has been trying for industry players across the board. Global chip shortages have placed a premium on hardware, whilst a turbulent economy has hindered steady business growth. With these factors in mind, it is understandable that MSPs and other service providers will have an eye towards reducing risks when it comes to new ventures.

Together with Zadara Edge Cloud Services, we offer the ideal solution to those looking to lower their risks when embarking on new projects. We provide hardware and software at no leasing fee – meaning no upfront cost. We offer instant scalability anytime you need – meaning you never have to pay for more than you need or be stuck with less than you need. We also offer tech refreshes with no downtime – meaning your services and solutions to clients will never be interrupted even as you continue to gain access to the latest tech.

With an increasingly digital market, cloud is no longer a luxury but a real necessity for businesses of all sizes.

Here are three reasons why KH Datagate with Zadara Edge Cloud Services stand out:

  • Any storage type and compute that includes VM and EC2 compatible instances
  • All-inclusive rate and no hidden charges on data ingress or egress
  • Deploy anywhere – on-premise and in the cloud

Managing data storage and compute can be a cost-intensive task. Whether it is purchasing or leasing physical hardware, investing in tech refreshes, managing downtimes, or planning ahead of time when it comes to storage, hardware, or licenses; there are numerous factors that combine to rack up massive costs.

With our partnership with Zadara Edge Cloud Services, this is not the case. We understand that storage and compute solutions need to be more flexible, customizable, and affordable.

This is why our solutions do not charge any leasing fee and allow you to pay for only what you use, whether on-premise or public cloud. We also provide tech refreshes at no additional cost and guarantee a 99.999% uptime.

This saves you time, effort, and most importantly money. With KH Datagate and Zadara you pay for only what you need.

Whether you are a bank looking to rapidly go digital during the pandemic, a telco looking to shore up its digital capacities, or a renowned media publication looking to safeguard years of industry-shaping stories – we have the answer to your problems.

Zadara Cloud Edge Services offer you an industry-leading solution, one which addresses efficient and uninterrupted business needs across the board with:

  • 100% OPEX offering with no leasing that minimises financial risks
  • Unrivalled security with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime
  • Auto-tech upgrades that ensure your system is always up to date

Zadara Southeast Asia

Cloud is not all about storage, increasingly compute functionality is proving to be just as vital and in-demand. The apex of compute is Zadara’s universal compute platform that combines comprehensive compute infrastructures with industry-leading flexibility.

This is why we have partnered with Zadara Southeast Asia to offer their zCompute functionalities that will allow you to enjoy:

  • Comprehensive virtual machine options across Windows & Linux
  • EC2-compatible instances and APIs that allow for seamless scalable computing capacities
  • All the while you can rest assured of optimum flexibility on how these solutions are delivered to you whether on-premise or in the cloud

When all your vital business data and processes live and function in the cloud, security becomes one of your main concerns.

At KH Datagate we know this. This is why we have partnered with Zadara Southeast Asia to offer Edge Cloud Service that provides a comprehensive suite of security features including:

  • AES-256 – providing encryption in flight and at rest
  • A single tenant experience in a multi-tenant environment
  • Compliance with leading international standards including EU GDPR, HIPAA, AICPA and relevant ISO standards

So when you store and compute with KH Datagate and Zadara, you know your data is in the safest hands.

Listen to KH Datagate founder, KK KHOOI speak about Malaysia’s cloud market, its current potential, where the industry is going and how our new partnership with global player Zadara Southeast Asia is set to pave the way forward for us locally as well as regionally on BFM 89.9 – The Business Station Caijin

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Together we are stronger. In our landmark partnership with Zadara Southeast Asia , KH Datagate will bring our years of local expertise, market presence and network. We will help build in-roads, make connections and implement locally relevant strategies that will help further unlock the vast potential of Malaysia’s cloud market, all the while bringing Malaysian business into the digital era.

KH Datagate has always prioritised innovation and quality. Innovation in all our technologies, approaches, and offerings. Quality in all our infrastructure, service, and interactions.

These two factors are what drove us to forge a strategic partnership with world-leading industry player – Zadara Southeast Asia . We know that the best way forward is together. Pooling our skills, experiences, and resources to provide even greater innovation and quality. Through this milestone partnership, we are ready to help Malaysia unlock its full cloud potential.

Cloud technology

In this digital age, going global is all the rage particularly with cloud technology making it more affordable and efficient than ever before.

Our partner and Regional Manager of Zadara, Lind Say Lim was recently featured in several media publications sharing her take on how businesses can better utilise specific cloud technologies and Zadara Southeast Asia unique approach to cloud to minimise investments and maximise returns

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Malaysia’s cloud and storage sector is set to be a major economic contributor with an indicative total addressable market valued at USD1.4 Billion split across cloud service, storage, server, and hyperconverged infrastructure.

This comes off the back of rapid digitalization, spurred on by the pandemic combined with the emergence of more online and digital-based services.

If you are doing business in these high-potential sectors, contact us to see how we can collaborate to unleash this massive market potential.

Zadara Federated Edge

The Federated Edge is Zadara’s unique initiative to accelerate the MSP market globally. It allows MSPs to leverage each other’s resources and infrastructure, creating a global edge network with thousands of cloud touch points thereby empowering MSPs around the globe to take their business worldwide. The Federate Edge also opens up new passive revenue streams for MSPs by allowing them to sell through their infrastructure to other players looking to build a presence within their locality.

By pooling resources, expertise, and technologies, Zadara brings more affordable, efficient storage and compute solutions to providers across the globe. Join the federation by becoming an operator or a service provider today.

Zadara Southeast Asia Edge Cloud Services

To truly appreciate the benefits of what we can offer today with the latest in cloud technology, it helps to understand what we mean by Edge? Edge computing refers to a highly distributed computing framework that moves compute and storage resources closer to the exact point they’re needed—so they’re available at the moment they’re needed.

What this does is reduce latency, speed up processing, optimize bandwidth and introduce entirely different features and capabilities that were simply not possible previously. Step up to the edge with KH Datagate and Zadara Southeast Asia Edge Cloud Services.

Edge Cloud

Quite simply put, Edge Cloud is cloud functionality that happens closer to where business decisions are made.

Edge Cloud technology enables greater performance in terms of increased efficiencies and reduced latencies. It also heightens security and data sovereignty. Combined these factors ultimately lead to faster and more effective business decision-making as well as a marked reduction in cost.

It changes the game entirely for various industries. Whether you are setting up and managing fleets of automated vehicles, monitoring in-hospital patients, or coordinating city-wide smart grids, Edge Cloud functionality gives you the flexibility and response time to tackle tasks in ways previously unimagined.

Step up to the edge with KH Datagate and Zadara Edge Cloud Services.

Through our collaboration with world-leading player Zadara – we are now able to offer Zadara’s unique cloud edge service. One of the most unique aspects of our product is the ability to offer customers a pure Operating Expense (OpEx) enterprise-grade storage solution, available in two delivery models:

  • On-Premises – Zadara virtual private storage array located on the customer premises
  • Cloud-Based – Zadara virtual private storage array located in any of 31 KH Datagate locations globally (and counting)

This means you get unrivaled flexibility in the way you store and what you pay for too.